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洺宙公司設立於2012年,是專業的真空設備公司。運用團隊厚實的半導體前段制程設備20年以上經驗開發真空鍵合機、真空清洗機及奈米壓印技術突破業界目前在微細、高深寬比線路的技術及成本瓶頸。整合制程、設備、材料除提供既有 Micro LED 、LD 、光通訊、太陽能領域外更應用在光學微結構、穿戴式裝置(AR/VR) 、 2.5D / 3D Package。

About Modern Generation Global

Modern Generation Global was established in 2012 and is a professional vacuum equipment company. Utilizing the team's extensive experience in semiconductor front-end process equipment with more than 20 years of experience, our company develops vacuum bonding machines, vacuum cleaning machines and nanoimprinting technologies to break through the industry's current technical and cost bottlenecks in fine, high aspect ratio circuits. Integrated processes, equipment, and materials not only provide existing Micro LED, LD, optical communications, and solar energy fields, but are also used in optical microstructures, wearable devices (AR/VR), and 2.5D/3D Packages.



Management Concept

We adhere to integrity and focus on the development of nanoimprinting and optoelectronic semiconductor process equipment. Quality is the principle of work and service. Customer satisfaction is the specific practice pursued by the company. We have an eye on the world market, international managers, focus on long-term strategic partners, and the pursuit of sustainability. business.

Core Technology